“Para kanino ka bumabangon? ” A popular coffee ad ask. The endorser’s right. I too wakes up for my family, as a breadwinner, and as having goals for my own future. Who doesn’t wake up for their family? Everybody does. Isn’t it one of our purpose in living? Maybe 2 out of 10 wakes up […]


MOTIVATION as a FUEL for goals

Sitting here alone again, there were few things that would come running in and out of my mind. Actually I have been feeling this pain that’s tingling in my head since at dawn and it’s 7:27 pm now. Luckily, we aren’t met by our first subject professor earlier so I get the chance to sleep […]

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Bisaya Jokes Translated

Filipinos are naturally fun-loving individuals. One thing we are usually known for is doing the karaoke. But some might not know that Filipinos are really good in writing jokes. These jokes I love the most are usually written in Bisaya. Bisaya is the 2nd widely spoken Filipino dialect next to Tagalog. It is a mixed […]

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Inferiority Complex

Being 87% isolated from the society, now I got the 97% of inferiority complex. I don’t know. Maybe, if I grew up in a whole different environment where I could get the chance to mingle with people, I would have grown to be cheerful and socially confident. While writing this, I was on a birthday […]

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Apparently, I really don’t know what to title this article. I just have something I really wanna share that if I can’t talk or write it out, it would just burst right out of me. And then, BOOM! I have been a fan of bollywood movies since 2011 when 3 Idiots movie was introduced to […]


Natural Disasters or War?

Based from an own experience. ————– August 18, 2008 5:00 am Nothing more like an earthquake was felt by the people of Lanao Norte. The grounds shiver as if giants sent a rain of rocks unto the ground. Our sleepy heads were knocked by the ringing of huge thunderclaps in the sky and on the […]

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The Bitter Truth: Women’s Dignity

Sa panahon ngayon, di na raw uso ang mahinhin, conservative, hard-to-get, at kung ano-ano pang katangian ng isang old-school na babae. Moderno na raw kase. Kapag pinairal mo raw ang mga ganitong mga katangian, ikaw ang kawawa. Weee.. de nga? Dahil sa mabilis na pagtakbo ng pagbabago, hindi ng ekonomiya ha, kundi ng teknolohiya, kung […]

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